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Minister for Universities and Science

UK Government

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Professor of Urban and Regional Systems, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

University College London

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Chief Executive

Future Cities Catapult

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Disruptive Urbanism

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Smart City Evangelist

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Living PlanIT

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Head of Smart Grid Applications & Solutions NWE CoC

Siemens plc, Infrastructure & Cities Sector

Implementing an Integrated Infrastructure

ovum logoSmart Cities are Evolving and Growing

At Smart to Future Cities 2013, the emphasis was on how the market is at an inflection point between talking about what "smart city" means and understanding how to implement it. The evidence of the shift was in the increasing maturity of the demand side, the development of standards, and the arrival of investment in the form of stimulus funding from government, sovereign wealth funds, and venture capital.

In 2014 we will be looking at the move of Smart Cities into the mainstream as we see governments commit finance and policy to smart city development, deployments of smart city protocols and operating platforms and acceptance of smart technologies as the norm in transport, energy, development, assisted living and security in cities.

Over 80 international case studies from government, energy, healthcare, transport, retail and building control will define the working business models which are creating future Cities successes for citizens and enterprises alike; fully integrated, strategically-designed development programs with measurable results.

Therefore we will be covering all of the ICT/Telco enabler platforms and technologies that are changing our interaction with the world around us, customer interaction more efficient, cost effective and more valuable. In addition, we look at the role of other verticals such as FS, Utilities, Developers and BIM (Building Information Management) in the future city arena.

Ensure the competitiveness and collaborative potential of your community in a competitive environment, as part of the new Smart world. Join the many 1:1 discussion sessions, leading CxO keynotes and business catalyst features in this unique meeting of minds in 2014.

Meet the challenge of managing Big Data in the Smart City- utilise the cloud's rich offerings.

Establish your position in the complex smart city eco system of software, infrastructure, telco, utility, transport, healthcare and retail providers

Build the right partnerships and take advantage of the enormous revenue opportunities and OPEX savings still yet to be seized through cloud service offerings and smart city programs

Access the technology and apps best placed to enable the Smart City: WiFi, cable, FTTx, LTE, Cloud, M2M, satellite, Smart Devices, HTML and APPs , plus the right people power to make tech work!

Understand the needs of international city administrations for integrated solutions for energy, transport, retail and healthcare

During the event you can tap into Ovum’s expertise through one-to-one consultations with our analysts at the Analyst Clinic.

Here, in 30 minute meetings, you will be able to discuss the challenges facing your organization and get personalized advice on how the latest trends in business technology will affect your business and your industry sector. Ovum’s Global IT and Telecoms analyst team, experts in their respective fields, are available to meet with you. We encourage you to take advantage of this experience by securing a one-to-one meeting in advance to be sure of availability, or on the day.

It is becoming an accepted truth that no single company can own the Future city market. Equally, public sector procurement agencies are under pressure to open procurement to a wider ecosystem of vendors. Cloud enabled app stores are significantly reducing the barriers to entry for SMEs and some national governments such as the UK are imposing an SME quota for public sector ICT spend. We want to promote the best of the SME companies operating in the future city arena and will have an innovation village at the event where you can meet with the best of the SMEs working in the smart city space.

For more information on Exhibiting in the SME Innovation Village, please contact Svetlana Meshkova on +44 (0)20 3377 3993 or


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